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Nov 16, 2013 6:00pm EST
don't want to talk about kennedy anymore. people are so eager. i can't imagine any other president about whom there is that sort of feeling. >> we have a few more weeks. i want to play it out and we do have a wonderful event here a few weeks ago sponsored by the open university of kennedy -- what kennedy and lincoln's second term would it look like and you asked would he have persuaded to ask congress to pass legislation involving civil rights? on that count would he have achieved what johnson achieved? >> i don't think he would have had the great society energy and commitment that johnson had because kennedy was essentially a foreign-policy president. that is to say politics can unseat you but foreign politics can kill you. he would have run against barry goldwater and would have won it did victory the way johnson did. he would have carried big democratic majorities into the house and senate with him and i think he would have gotten the big tax cut, the federal aid to education, the medicare and the civil rights bills passed. that would have put him in the lead with the most progr
Nov 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
that even she may have had some issues. i don't want to go to the point of saying an addiction but she certainly indicated by the drugs that she was taking with her on trips that she had quite an array of medicatiomedicatio ns. sometimes perhaps even what people do today they end up taking medications for the symptoms that are caused by the other medications that they are taking. i don't want to say that she contributed to the addiction problems but it could be some sort of -- some sort of genetic issue within the family that rose may have had as well. >> host: there on the dark side of camelot here for a minute. what about chappaquiddick and her reaction to that and how she handled back? >> guest: again she doesn't have -- a lot of her personal papers but she does write to people about it at the time and is has a little bit of a journal about it she tells what it was like to see teddy the day after the accident and then she said he wasn't like himself create she said maybe it was because he had been injured in a car accident or maybe that the death of the girl that was with him but sh
Nov 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
'm an investigative reporter and senior writer. i don't have a topic i'm supposed to be working on. i don't have a-an area that is mine, and i'm not allowed to go outside of it. basically, i'm allowed to sort of roam free and find areas that are worth exploring heavily. so i'll go from antitrust to securities fraud to health care to--to medical research and learning something every step of the way. i--there--there's not a story i pick up that i actually know anything about when i start. c-span: how long did it take you to write the book? >> guest: i started it in--well, i--i began working on the topic itself when i was at the times in 1995. i decided to write a book and did a contract sometime in 1998 and was--the--the hardest portion of the book actually wasn't the writing of it. the reporting was--was difficult. but far more than anything else, more than anything i've ever done, the hardest part of it was structuring the book because i made a decision early on that i wanted--i wanted to play a game i wanted readers to be almost in the same position the fbi was and then, later, in the same positi
Nov 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the palestinians. but just from a realistic point of view, i don't understand for the last 20 years, and it's been harder for me to defend sometimes the actions of israel to my jewish or non-jewish friends. i don't understand with a few exceptions. .. >> understand, what is the question? so let me answer. it's a very simple answer. first of all of course as you can understand i want us to reach an agreement but i think we have to reach out in a sensible realistic way. one of the problems is that the piece thinking and peace concept will not renew in 20 years. this is what i think we need fresh thinking. you will not trite to -- a 25-year-old chevy. so i think it's time to thank fresh and to describe it in just a sentence. when israelis open their hearts and decided to go to peace in 1993 the result was a waive of terror and buses exploding in central jerusalem. when israelis took a giant step forward and the peace agreement in 2000 the result was the worst suicide bombing terror offensive ever. when the israelis opened their hearts the third time and we withdrew from the gaza strip and the result
Nov 2, 2013 6:00pm EDT
--he is--his voice has been heard, and there's not a year that goes by where they don't debate such standards as adding ethanol to gasoline, where the-the biggest--the biggest benefit for that rule is the archer daniels midland company. and there are people who say flat-out, you know, 'we are giving adm, we are giving dwayne andreas billions of dollars a year.' but it's--it's--his--his level of influ--his level of influence is virtually unprecedented. c-span: there's a--an allusion in your book to bob dole and bob strauss and dwayne andreas and david brinkley, all getting together at a certain place in florida. >> guest: the sea view hotel, which is owned by dwayne andreas. he--he gained control of it many years ago and became something of a--for lack of a better term, a local realtor for the politically powerful and started finding apartments, helping people get inside deals on apartments for his--for his friends among the powerful in washington, both in the political sphere, like bob dole, like bob strauss, and in the journalistic sphere, like david brinkley. c-span: and davi
Nov 16, 2013 6:55pm EST
countries and much more volatile and i'm wondering if you have a comment on that? thank you. >> why don't i start with the first one about the commodities trading in kenya. let me preface bye bye saying i am not an economist. i'm a food writer but i can tell you this. of course in my research i found that cassava is a product that apparently is available in quite a number of countries as a staple, as a starchy root that doesn't yet trade here but apparently is in good standing to potentially become a commodity in the future. apparently it's rather nutritious and grows well. it might have implications for being a potato like substitute or grain like substitute so that might be number one bullet in my mind. i am sure that coffee, cocoa and also if it grows and if there is a market for it, if there is a demand for it, if they're some sort of volatility i think it's a potential candidate. and then the second question if i'm getting this right, the question was about volatility. i'm not sure if i'm getting this right. how commodities markets contribute to volatility. i think that there is certai
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6